Tired of being stuck in traffic on your commute? Want to bring the fun back into your motoring? Or maybe you need to bring the costs of your motoring down? There are many reasons to ride a motorcycle and once you have a license the world is your oyster.

GET ON Website

BENSONS Training

The best place to start is the Get on website with loads of resources and information to help you answer key questions. Find out how to get a licence and where to find training. Get ideas on what type of motorcycle might suit your purpose. You can even work out what you might save on your commute here.

Visit Website: www.geton.co.uk

Bensons are our nearest Motorcycle Training centre and are based in Braintree. They are an excellent place to start for further information on licence requirements and taking your first steps towards learning how to ride. Some training is mandatory but wise motorcyclists never stop learning! Contact Bensons directly for more details of their courses.

Visit Website: www.bensonschoolofmotoring.co.uk

Choosing your KTM

The KTM range has something for everyone – starting with Europe’s leading learner-legal motorcycle the 125 Duke, and progressing up to some of the highest regarded Sport, Adventure and Naked bikes you can buy. Their innovative range continually leads developments in the mainstream motorcycle world with cutting edge design and superb build quality.

Feel free to call us for advice or better still drop in and see us so you can also view the range close at hand.

Also view the official KTM website here: www.ktm.com

Variety is the spice of life and many motorcyclists mix their road riding with other types of riding. The motorcycle world has a wealth of individual enthusiasts and companies who offer you affordable ways to diversify. Here’s just a few ideas.

Track Days

Track Days with KTM

Motorcycle Tours


Let you experience the thrill of road racing and the joy of speed without the dangers of the road. Organised at some of the most iconic tracks in the UK and Europe you can be a Superbike star for a day! They are generally organised into groups so all participants can enjoy them whatever their experience. For any further information check out KTM's website KTM.com to see what track days are available.

Take you to places you’d never dreamed of going on a motorcycle. Mostly outside of the UK, but often still very affordable there is an enormous variety of trips to ponder. Mountains, deserts, forests, alpines, savannah, you name it there’s probably a tour there. Some trips allow you to take your own motorcycle, on others you rent theirs’. There are also some excellent centres in the UK to learn some offroad skills before you go.

KTM Adventure tours: www.ktm.com/gb/ridektm/ktm-adventure-tours

Adventure Rider: www.advrider.com

Trail Riding

Trail riding can be an enjoyable way to mix up your riding without breaking the bank. The wide variety of terrain in the UK, and the extensive Green Lane/Byway network means you can combine a trip to some of our most scenic places with a day on a motorbike. Organisations like the Trail Riding Fellowship offer excellent advice and support to try this. Professional touring companies like 'Adventure Trail Riding' also offer guided tours.

Trail Riders Fellowship: www.trf.org.uk

Adventure Trail Riding: www.adventuretrailriding.co.uk

Get involved

The motorcycling community offers loads of opportunity to meet or chat to other enthusiasts in person or online. As well as online forums there are hundreds of local or specialists clubs to cater for anyone’s persuasions. Many clubs and charities also organised regular group ride-outs. Often the best place to start is to visit one of the bike shows or events, make contact with one of these clubs or to talk to people on a relevant forum. Hopefully you’ll be rewarded by finding an intriguing cross-section of people brought together by their interest in motorcycles!

Some places we’d recommend: