Blythburgh Suffolk

(Blythburgh, Suffolk)

Telephone: 0788 574 8877

Deep sand track next to the A12 near Blythburgh. Fairly natural terrain with jumps and table-tops. Good all year round and ideal for deep sand practice.

Docklands Track KG5 (Docklands, London)

Telephone: 020 7473 4434

Run by Docklands Riders CiC, this is the only MX track in London. It offers a Supercross style track suitable for all MX and Pit bikes and has London’s premier Urban Extreme Enduro Cross circuit. Coaching and training is also available.


Dunstable MX
(Dunstable, Beds)

Telephone: 0787 013 2061

MX style track run by the same team that used to run Essex MX. 

East Anglia Supertrax
(Wisbech, Cambs)

Telephone: 0194 578 0786

Open most days of the week, a well run track with a number testing jumps and table-tops.

Elsworth Motoparc
(Elsworth, Cambs)

Telephone: 0148 083 1152

One of the best tracks in the country, this used to hold British Champs and International meetings and therefore has jumps and tabletops to test the best. Usually open Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays. Best to call for the latest info.

Enduro Kent

Telephone: 0845 123 5846

Enduro Kent is run by a small team of offroad enthusiasts. Running safe and fun Enduro style practice events at venues within the Kent area. 

Hit The Dirt
(Swaffham, Norfolk)

Telephone: 0160 372 2800
In association with

Enduro style course open weekends and Wednesdays by appointment. Track is mostly a sandy natural track with woodland sections and fast straights.

Joyce Green Motocross Track (Dartford)

Telephone: 0208 467 7516

Joyce Green Dartford Motocross is a track based on a natural terrain. They feature a track with small table top and medium ski jump that has some rollers. Majority of challenges are flat bends. They have good facilities and are usually open Saturdays and Sundays. Find them at J1A off the M25.

Maldon MX
(Maldon, Essex)

Telephone: 0798 477 7110

Hardpack supercross track, good for riders of all levels. Separate kids track. Noise restrictions - all 4 strokes must run quiet core or under 94DBs. Open Sundays thoug it is best to call for the latest information. 

Motoland UK (West Row, Mildenhall, Suffolk)

Telephone: 0163 871 8667

A man-made sand circuit, with jumps, step-ups, tunnel and banked turns. Used for race meetings as well as practice sessions, the circuit is regularly maintained. Open most Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Sundays. Very good facilities including refreshments and bike wash area.

(Ipswich, Suffolk)

Telephone: 0147 372 7806

Excellent track using its location in a valley to create track interest. Well looked after and has a mixture of sand and hard-pack. Separate kids track. Always best to call for latest opening info.

Washbrook Farm
(Doddington, Cambs)

Telephone: 0135 474 0442

Sandy loam track with very good facilities just north of Ely. Usually open every Saturday and some Wednesdays (weather permitting). Check out all the latest information on their website.

Wild Tracks Offroad Activity (Chippenham)

Telephone: 0163 875 1918

Chippenham Motocross track is a sand based track - both challenging and rewarding to ride, The track is very well looked after and maintained. Open Saturdays and Sundays.