KTM Finance

KTM Finance offer competitive rates, and special deals tailored to help you buy the KTM of your choice. You benefit from these advantages:


KTM Finance offer simple and convenient finance options so that you can focus on the pleasure of biking and we can provide you with a convenient "One-Stop Shop" when choosing your KTM! 


The electronic proposal system and fast response times mean lending decisions are reached quickly enabling you to purchase within a very short period. 


You can choose a credit plan that fits your budget. KTM CREDIT is a traditional finance package where you make monthly repayments and at the end of the term you own the bike. Or KTM CREDIT LIGHT which is a Residual Payment package where you make lower repayments during the loan period, and at the end of the term you have options - to buy the vehicle outright, part exchange it, or hand it back to the Finance company 

KTM Finance from Jim Aim Motorcycles


This is a traditional finance plan that allows you to take finance on a term between 12 and 60 months and to pay as large or as small a deposit as you want. Provided all payments are made, at the end of the agreement the bike is yours.

The benefits

  • Simple - fixed, equal and regular instalments.
  • Predictable - once you've paid all your instalments, you own the bike.
  • Flexible - you choose your repayment period and deposit at the start of your contract, meaning that you have total control of your budget.

KTM Finance from Jim Aim Motorcycles


A finance plan with low monthly repayments over a shorter term, combined with an Optional Final Payment. This typically means you may pay less per month than you will with a KTM Credit agreement, and by choosing your deposit, term and annual mileage you also determine how much you'll pay per month.

Typical benefits

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Shorter loan periods
  • Protection against any large drop in value with an Optional Final Payment at the end of the finance term (as the finance company shoulders this burden)

Assuming all monthly payments have been made at the end of the term you'll have three options:


Choose another KTM. Part exchange the bike for a new bike and use any excess above the Optional Final Payment towards purchasing a new KTM. This option is available at any stage during your finance agreement! 


Keep your KTM. Simply pay the Optional Final Payment and the bike is yours to keep. 

Return your KTM

There's nothing more to pay. Provided the bike is in a fair condition and within the agreed mileage, you can return the bike to KTM Finance.

We also work with other notable finance companies to get you the best deals available.

Please note Finance is subject to status and for Retail sales only. Terms and conditions apply.  Applicants must be 18 or over and Guarantees/Indemnities may be required.