The world of Off road motorcycling is one of the most accessible and affordable Motorsports and once you are set up with the basic equipment there are a multitude of ways to get out and enjoy your biking. However the initial set-up and choices you have when buying your first bike and the associated equipment can be daunting for new starters. The good news is that we can help! We have a wealth of experience and many contacts in all areas of off road motorcycling to help you get going, to continually develop your riding skills, and make the most of the riding opportunities around.

We’d also encourage you to go to motorcycle events where you can experience the action first hand. You can find many events listed on


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If you want to be the next Ricky Carmichael or Ken Roczen this is where you start. MX is exhilarating races set around short, technical and exciting circuits. Modern MX track design has brought a Supercross style to most tracks that generally incorporate a multitude of jumps on a course with technically challenging turns and straights. Many tracks are man-made but some are in areas of extreme terrain where they can use the natural lie of the land too. If you want short, sharp, adrenaline-pumping racing then this is for you. Most tracks can be ridden by a rider of any level once the basic technique has been mastered, and many are open for practice days. There is also a thriving Junior scene in MX. 

Find more info on local clubs via the ACU or if you want to try MX first contact

Notable local clubs for juniors are East Anglian Schoolboy MX club, the Norfolk & Suffolk Junior MX Club and Docklands Riders


KTM Offroad Biking with Jim Aim Motorcycles

Enduro riding is set on much longer tracks, often laid out just for that event. They offer a wider variety of terrain than MX. The average event runs for 3+ hours, the lap distance can be several miles, and riders compete for the whole time. It means you can get a lot of riding for your money providing you can complete the course! It also means you can find your own level and pace yourself accordingly. If you like the idea of riding on a mix of open farmland, woodland, hill-climbs, river crossings, sand pits, trails and often a little bit of motocross too then this is for you! In our region in particular Enduro riding is very popular and there are clubs who specialise in running these events.

We’d recommend Sudbury Motorcycle club: and Trail Bike Enduro club’s also lots of info on

Classic Motocross

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Traditionally known as ‘Scrambling’ this sport had a huge public following in the 1960’s and 70’s, and there is now a popular Classic Motocross revival scene around the UK. The style of tracks used mimics those of the early years using a few jumps and the natural lie of the land. The short races means the racing can be fast, furious and exciting. They are generally raced in classes based on the age and capacity of the machine. The Classic clubs cater well for both novices and experts too so if nostalgia is your thing then there is no better place to start than to make contact with one of them, and/or go along to one of their events.

We’d recommend the Pre65 Motocross club:

Trials competition is perhaps the most technically demanding of riding. Set in challenging natural terrain like sandpits, woodland, hillsides or in rocky environments it is all about clearing obstacles and sections without incurring penalty points. The bikes are very specialist and designed for slow-speed control. If ultimately you want to develop bike handling skills, to impress your friends with bike control, and to set yourself against others in a friendly, social environment then Trials is for you. Our region has a thriving Trials scene, and as the competition season also operates through the Winter many riders use it as a way of obtaining skills they can then apply back into their MX or Enduro riding.

For more info try:

Trail Riding

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Trail riding can be an enjoyable way to mix up your riding without breaking the bank. The wide variety of terrain in the UK, and the extensive Green Lane/Byway network means you can combine a trip to some of our most scenic places with a day on a motorbike. Organisations like the Trail Riding Fellowship offer excellent advice and support to try this. Adventure tours specialists like 'Adventure Trail Riding' also offer guided tours to help you get the most out of your time and take away the organisation hassle.

Trail Riders Fellowship:

Adventure Trail Riding:

Improve your Riding

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Most off road riders are continuously developing their technique and ability. A lot can be gained from experience and you can learn by riding in different environments. However you can also take a huge leap forward, learn proper technique and ride safely by investing in some training and watching and talking to experts in the field.

There are many trainers around but there are a handful we’d recommend.

For one-on-one and small group coaching - Gary Hoptrough
If you want to try MX as a first timer then Geoff Mayes runs a local team called
For Enduro and Supermoto coaching KTM affiliated Ady Smith has some good courses:

And for something completely different local star Chris Birch does some amazing Freestyle MX and stunts.
Follow him via